Why Choose Montessori School of Florence?

Why Choose Montessori School of Florence?

Passion for Excellence   Global Awareness   Universal Values   Service to...

Pre-Primary (2K)

Pre-Primary (2K)

Age 2   The first years of life are the most formative years.It is a time when children...



Ages 3 to 6 Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the goal of education is to help each child...

Elementary Years

Elementary Years

Lower Elementary (grades 1-3) Upper Elementary (grades 4-6) The Montessori philosophy of...

Montessori Work

Montessori Work

Providing Structure -- setting high, but individually tailored expectations Montessori...

Montessori Curriculum

Montessori Curriculum

Materials and Instructional Methods Studies come alive through a host of hands-on projects and...

  • Why Choose Montessori School of Florence?

    Why Choose Montessori School of Florence?

  • Pre-Primary (2K)

    Pre-Primary (2K)

  • Primary


  • Elementary Years

    Elementary Years

  • Montessori Work

    Montessori Work

  • Montessori Curriculum

    Montessori Curriculum


The Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori Philosophy focuses on the development of the whole child. It is based on the concepts developed over 100 years ago by the Italian physician and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori education is premised upon the following basic elements:

-a highly skilled educator

-a respect for the child through individualized education

-sequenced learning through specially designed, hands-on materials

-a child-oriented, prepared environment


This summer Florence Montessori began Phase I of the Capital Campaign Project. Phase I entailed relocating the double gates to the play area, replacing curbing in the parking lot, removing all blacktop from the old basketball court, and replacing it with sod. A deep layer of playground mulch was spread below all playground equipment in the elementary and primary areas. All of this was possible thanks to the generous donations of our MSF families.


As with all private and public schools, fundraising is a part of our operating budget. The board, director, teachers and staff work cooperatively and tirelessly to maximize the student benefit from each tuition dollar. Tuition alone does not cover 100% of the operating costs; the gap is filled with fundraising activities.  The Montessori School of Florence carefully and thoughtfully chooses its fundraising activities considering profitability, ease for families, school image and entertainment value. The following is a list of our current endeavors. We encourage each family to participate to the level of their own comfort and ability.


Downtown Flo-town Halloween Party

Location:  Local Motive


Friday, October 12, 2018
7-11 PM


Attractions Guides


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Ongoing Fundraising Activities

Box Tops for Education
Tyson Labels
Campbell's Soup Labels
Food Lion MVP Card
Harris Teeter VIC Card
Bi-Lo Bonus Card

Piggly Wiggly Greenbox Card
Office Depot
SchoolPop Online Shopping
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Scrip Purchases


How does it all work?



FOOD LION:for every purchase made with a linked card, Food Lion will give 1% back to Montessori School of Florence.Go to www.foodlion.com and register your MVP card.


HARRIS TEETER:for every Harris Teeter item purchased, with a linked card, they will donate 1% back to MSF.Go to www.harristeeter.com and register your VIC card, our school code is 3025.You can also register at the time of check out, just ask the cashier to link your card to Montessori School of Florence or code 3025.Everyone must re-link starting August 1st each year.


BI-LO:for every purchase made with a linked card, BI-LO will give 1% back to Montessori School of Florence.Pick up a scanner bar slip at the office to register your BI-LO Bonus card.


 PIGGLY WIGGLY:you can link your greenbax card by going on www.greenbax.net to donate your past and future greenbax to Montessori School of Florence.Your donation will help MSF purchase items that the school can benefit from.


OFFICE DEPOT:after every purchase tell the cashier to donate your purchase to Montessori School of Florence.Office Depot will donate a percentage of your purchase to our school.For online shopping our school id # is 70116278; worklife/advantage # is 1133701027.


BOX TOPS:clip all the box tops labels and send them to school, each label is worth 10 cents.Register your email address to get updates, coupons, and great recipes, each registration is worth 50 cents.Do your online shopping through box tops website and they will give MSF 2%-25% of your purchase.(Ex. Lands End, , Walmart, Home Depot, etc.)Once you have registered your email address, you can go through their website to do your purchases and the proceeds will automatically go to MSF.An updated products list as well as the shopping list is available on www.boxtops4education.com.


CAMPBELL’S:clip all the eligible UPC’s (all Campbell’s soups, Pepperidge Farm snacks, Prego Sauce, Swanson products, all V8 Juice and Splash) and send them to school.Each label is worth 1 or 5 points, which we use to purchase school/educational items.Go to www.labelsforeducation.com to print out a product list for your reference and register your household so you can get updated news, recipes, and coupons.


 TYSON:clip all the eligible labels and send them to school, each label is worth 25 cents.Clip the whole label (A+ with steps 1, 2, and 3). Go to http://www.tyson.com/projectaplus/ and print out a product list for your reference.


COKE REWARDS:save all the rewards codes on Coke products, all fridge pack packaging, all 2 liter caps, all Dasani water packaging, all Minute Maid Juices, Vault, Powerade drinks, codes can be found in caps or on packaging.Send them to school or register on line and enter the codes in your account then donate them to Montessori School of Florence.The school will use the points to get athletic/recess equipment.Go to http://www.mycokerewards.com/earnPoints.do for more info.Anyone in USA participate in this program.


SCHOOLPOP/ONECAUSE:one time download to your computer will help our school get up to 20% of your online purchase.Once you have registered your computer will prompt when you visit a qualifying website that is contributing to MSF. (ex: Travelocity, 1-800 flowers, apple store, amazon, etc.)You must order through the website which has many valuable coupons to help you help us.The donation will come automatically to MSF.No extra steps on your part.You can also register all of your credit cards so when you use them at local or national chains, they will also help generate money for MSF.It’s easy and it’s free, go to www.schoolpop.com.